Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are honoured to invite you to the 25th tRNA Conference which will be held in Kyllini (Western Peloponnese), Greece in September 2014 at the Grecotel Olympia Riviera Resort.

Your participation will contribute to fulfilling the expectations for a meeting of excellence and high scientific level, in a place full of symbols. We also hope that we will encourage most of the young scientists in the field to participate actively and define its future.

We invite you all to our Conference to celebrate 50 years of tRNA research and 25 fruitful and stimulating meetings, but also to improve science, to renew our knowledge, to revive the friendly relations between us and create new ones.

We welcome you to the place that gave birth to the great ideas of the modern world and we hope that with your contribution and support, the 25th tRNA Conference will be in every aspect a great and memorable conference. 

Denis Drainas   Constantinos Stathopoulos